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Puffin TourPuffins

Puffin Tours leave from Dunnet (on the NC500) at 4 pm on most days from May to July. Tours take approx. 1.5 hours & cost from £25 per person (minimum two people).  Departure location(s) will be advised on booking.


The Puffin Tour visits the puffin colonies from May to July, as this is when the puffins come back to their burrows to breed.  This video is just a little taster of what you might see on a Puffin Tour.

If 4 pm is too early for you  Contact Us  to arrange an evening Puffin Tour – evening is a great time for puffin and wildlife watching – you might see owls too! 

If booking for one please contact us first to discuss tour availability and pricing

Seals and Seabirds: Wildlife Discovery

Tours start from Dunnet on the north coast of Caithness, take approx. 2 hours, and cost from £30 per person.  The Seals and Seabirds tour will give you a quick introduction to the amazing and abundant wildlife living in the far north of Scotland, including puffins.  Have you ever wondered which seal species you are watching, or what that bird is, and would like to find out a bit more about them – then this is the tour for you.

BOOK NOW   or   Contact Us  for more information.  All tours can be organised at a time that suits you.

North Coast Tour

North Coast Tours start at 9 am on most days throughout the year, with departure location to be advised on booking. Tours take approx. four hours and cost from £50 per person (min. two people). Discover the wildlife that lives along the northern coast of Scotland as we explore the sea cliffs, beaches and sheltered coves along this wild and beautiful coastline.  Read More  

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On all our tours there is plenty of time to enjoy the wildlife and scenery, and take photos, so don’t forget to bring your camera.  And don’t forget your warm and waterproof outdoor clothing – it is best to be prepared for all weather conditions in Scotland.

I would highly recommend this tour for nature lovers, or any visitors looking to get an overview of Scotland’s north coast. The tour is perfect for children and older travelers alike. I’ll definitely be looking them up again the next time I find myself in the Highlands..

– Allen (New York, USA)


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