Puffin Tour Gift Voucher –  The best present ever for friends and family so they can come and see the Caithness puffins up-close in 2018.

From May to July, Puffin Tours leave from Dunnet at 4 pm on most days.  Tours take approximately 1.5 hours, with the departure location(s) advised on booking.

The puffin colonies in the far north are busiest from May to July as this is when the puffins come back to their burrows to breed.  There are several sites in Caithness that are great for up-close puffin watching, so if you are doing the North Coast 500, or just visiting Caithness, stop off and join us on a tour to see these charasmatic little birds, and later in the puffin season you may even be lucky enough to see a puffling. 

Puffin Tour gift voucher

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