Winter Wildlife Tours:  In Caithness, wildfowl, such as whooper swans, geese and wigeon arrive from Iceland, northern Europe and western Siberia and congregate in noisy flocks on the lochs and fields.  Along the coast, great northern divers, flocks of long-tailed ducks, and the occasional Slavonian grebe feed in the waves and just beyond.  Godwit, curlew, redshank, turnstone, knot, plovers and other waders hang out on the beaches and rocky shores.  There are plenty of opportunities for close encounters with common and grey seals, and if you are lucky you might come across an otter out on a feeding foray during the short winter days.  Birds of prey, such as kestrels and buzzards, hover overhead, and in the hills, the deer will be down on the lower slopes, and ptarmigan and mountain hare will be in their winter coats.Long-tailed ducks

A half-day tour (4 hours) costs £40 per person.  We will collect you from your accommodation.  Wear warm, waterproof and windproof clothing, and walking shoes/boots.

If you are visiting the far north, don’t leave until you have seen the wildlife.

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